Week 4: Time for a TikTok account…


After having multiple bathrooms vandalized in our school and addressing with the growing number of students and staff referencing the devious lick challenge, it is time to take the plunge into the TikTok world. I was like Chris, Leigh, and many others who have expressed some hesitancy in the platform and really wasn’t too sure if I wanted another addictive social media platform. I already do enough scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram….


The following articles helped me learn about setting up an account and some of the features that make this such a popular social media platform.

How to Grow Your TikTok Account

Why TitTok Will Take Over in 2020

TikTok’s mission “is to inspire creativity and bring joy”- I wasn’t really seeing the creativity and joy with the recent vandalism in schools, but am committed to remaining open to learn more about this platform. I will enjoy watching videos for a while and am unsure if I will start posting videos. Maybe something in time!

Personal Observations & Positives

  • A bit overwhelming and some very random videos
  • Easily filters topics and interests for you
  • Easy to use- incredible how many videos you can find and looks like easy tools to make videos
  • Use of filters, music, and backgrounds improve quality of videos
  • Highly addictive! I now understand why so many people are binge watching videos
  • Enjoying the DIY videos and cooking/ food videos.


  • One of my initial reactions is the often crude and rude commenting that people post on videos.
  • Risk of being exposed to things you only want to see.
  • Access to inappropriate content and issues with privacy. Do people know they are in a TikTok video?

Educational Opportunities

  • Endless educational videos
  • Teachers can record short and concise lessons. Focus can be on teacher clarity, and removing things that aren’t needed or required. check out- or @mrssloanbiology for examples
  • Students could show their thinking and learning. Could be used to make learning more visible. Tool to track and document learning over a period of time.
  • Networking platform for teachers.

How are teachers currently using TikTok to engage students?

How do you think students would want to use TikTok to support their learning?


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Time for a TikTok account…

  1. TikTok seems to be a very popular choice this week! Although I do not have it, I have a pretty good understanding of what it is and how it works. I like how you laid out your post and provided some key points at the beginning (both positive and negative). Even though you had mentioned that there were many good things about TikTok, I couldn’t get past the negatives you mentioned. The ugly comments, and crude or iffy content, as well as the privacy issues, has my head spinning a bit. Although it may be okay for personal use, I’m not sure how that could be rectified so that it could be better used with students in the classroom. Do you see yourself using this social media platform in your classroom? If so, how do you think you would use it best to avoid some of the ugly negatives it seems to have?

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    • I would enter into using Tik Tok very cautiously with a class. I need to spend more time becoming familiar with the platform and become confident in some of my own abilities before using it as a tool in my classroom/school. Brenda’s blog had some areas of caution that I would like to become more familiar with before using Tik Tok with students. Having the ability to set up a closed group and turn off commenting would help to avoid some of the ulgy negatives that come with the platform. I could see using it as a tool to create very focused mini lessons for crucial concepts and skills being taught in a course.


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