Major Digital Project: Update- Edsby Portfolios

Moving to Edsby…

Many school divisions in Saskatchewan have recently moved to Edsby as their new student and family communication platform. Having replaced popular programs like HomeLogic and Students Achieve, Edsby provides users with an improved digital learning and data platform. Edsby pulls together important information like attendance, student achievement, and school communication into a user friendly platform for educators, students, and families. Edsby can be viewed on a computer, cell phone, or tablet, and the downloadable app makes the experience easier for users.

While my school division began with using Edsby’s attendance and student progress (gradebook) features, we are now ready to explore and implement Edsby portfolios. Edsby portfolios will allow families to view the triangulation of evidence of their students in addition to gradebook information.

The Positives of Edsby Portfolios

After reviewing the Edsby portfolio features here are some positive takeaways:

  • Portfolio features are easy to navigate and board posts allow for a quick overview.
  • Portfolio stays with a student from year-to-year and will grow and develop as more information is added. (I would recommend that students add their grade, subjects, and additional tags to help organize their portfolio posts).
  • Portfolios can include audio, video, pictures, screenshots, documents, and other examples of student learning.
  • Portfolios can be developed by both the student and teacher. Teachers have the ability to add artifacts of learning into a student’s portfolio.
  • Entries can be tagged to help organize the portfolio.
  • Can easily change the audience or visibility of each post.

How Edsby Portfolios work?

Check out a quick video tour that I made to showcase the Edsby student portfolios


Edsby and Supporting Student-led conferences

  • Student-led conferences involve students leading a discussion about their learning with their family and teacher. Students can then share portfolio posts about their academic and extracurricular successes.
  • Edsby portfolios should provide a rich display of learning and be used to generate authentic conversations about student learning.
  • The use of Edsby portfolios will help to individualize the learning experience so that parents can see the learning experience through the lens of the student rather than the teacher.
  • Student has the ability and to tell their learning story through the portfolio.
  • Students should have choice about the contents of their portfolio and are the ones that maintain it. The ownership and active involvement with the portfolio promotes student responsibility and accountability.

Final thoughts…

Edsby portfolios appear to be very user friendly and it should not take long or much effort to get portfolios up running with our students. Teachers will need some time to introduce Edsby portfolios to their students and provide students with time to select and add artifacts of learning to their portfolio. Edsby portfolios semi-open in the sense that students can select who can view their posts. Students can easily export and save the content of their portfolios that could be used to create a professional portfolio that could be used for future education or employment opportunities.

9 thoughts on “Major Digital Project: Update- Edsby Portfolios

  1. James,

    I think it is great that you decided to explore Edsby for your Learning Project– very practical! I’m still figuring it out myself, so I’ll be following your project posts! I appreciate that students have the opportunity to manage their own portfolio. I was a SeeSaw user for the past three years and I had most of the control when it came to managing portfolios. I think this feature helps keep students accountable and allows them choice when showcasing their own work. We did our conferences early this year, but this will be something I would like to keep in mind for spring conferences. We are doing a school-based community of practice this year on Edsby, so if we come up with anything that might be of use to your project, I’ll be sure to send it your way!

    Well done!

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    • I have limited experience with SeeSaw, but appreciate how easy it is for teachers to add artifacts of learning in student portfolios. This is something that Edsby appears to lack. Maybe something they will change in time, but right now it looks like teachers can contribute to a student’s learning story on Edsby and then posts can be moved into the portfolio by the student. I am really trying to drive home the idea that students in high school need to own and be responsible for their own portfolio. Right now we are working towards gather one piece of evidence per class… fingers crossed that a gradual ease into digital portfolios will allow them to grow and become more beneficial to student learning.


  2. James I am so happy your project is about Edsby! Our school division is still using MSS and so many cannot wait to switch to a new platform, for various reasons! I believe we will be using Edsby next year. I look forward to learning about it. I enjoyed the video you provided about creating student portfolios and it appears very user friendly. In an age where students need to build a positive online presence early in their life, this seems like an effective way to document goals, success, and growth. I really feel that having that ability to continue portfolios from year to year, and allowing students to see what they accomplished in the past will be such a benefit for their own growth mindset! Having the ability to export the portfolio is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more about Edsby.

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    • Are we moving to EDSBY? I thought all school divisions were supposed to be a part of MSS when we moved to it from SIRS. Who knows… But it would be great to try out EDSBY – I didn’t mind myblueprint but I am forced to use SeeSaw this year and am not really enjoying it!


    • Hi Lynnette, my division made the move to MSS this fall as our student information centre or place to hold student data. However, we have opted to use Edsby with MSS as our portal or platform where students and parents can access information about marks, attendance, report cards and other school related information. I have heard many school divisions are using MSS for everything (gradebooks, attendance, family communication) but there have been some bumps or issues. Hopefully Edsby will be a user-friendly platform that we can continue to build on. I’m also excited to see the evolution of student portfolios.


  3. Thanks for the video you created on making EDSBY Portfolios as it was very informative. This is something that I would like to try with my class. I like the EDSBY program and like that all Saskatchewan Schools are using it. It will make things easier for teachers, students, and parent parents. Since we have just started using the program I probably won’t begin portfolios until the second term since I am still trying to navigate all the great features. I agree with you it is very user-friendly.

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  4. Very informative post! Thanks!
    I always get a kick out of digital portfolios – I am hoping for some uniformity and consistency at some point along my career. Thus far, I have used Scholantis, MyBlueprint, and now onto SeeSaw. Do you know if My School Sask is adopting EDSBY at all? MyBlueprint was a fine digital portfolio tool, but EDSBY looks far more user friendly and more along the social media lines than any other platform. I will have to bookmark this for the future! Thanks!


    • Dalton, I can feel the panic in your typing- ARE WE MOVING TO EDSBY? Should I be bookmarking James’ site for future panicked learning?! I guess I’ll find out! James, I really like your choice of project – it sounds necessary! Have you ever been a Seesaw user in the past? I would really like to know how these digital portfolios compare to Seesaw. I mostly appreciated Seesaw not for the portfolio aspect but for the Activities options (that could then be pulled into the portfolio) do you (or any of the commenters) know if that is the same with EDSBY? It sounds like they have many of the same features and options but I am so curious in terms of usage.


  5. Great post James! As we are in the same division, I’ve been encouraged during our switch to Edsby. It seems to be continually improving, and I am excited to see how it evolves. I appreciated hearing your thoughts on the ease of the portfolio option. To me, it sounds like a really efficient tool to take advantage of during Student-Led Conferences. I loved your point on the students taking ownership and being active participants in creating their portfolio- this can really drive the conversation during these conferences, while also giving an authenticity to the student’s learning. I’m excited to follow along as you learn more about it!


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