Summary of Learning

EC&I 831 will stand as one of my more memorable and relevant courses out of my EDL Masters’ program. I always appreciate when I can take the learnings from a course and directly apply them in my daily work. There were numerous times throughout the course where I found myself eager to share my learnings with friends and colleagues. A colleague of mine, Curtis Bourassa had high reviews for Alec and this course and suggested taking the course. Looks like I owe Curtis an adult beverage or pizza for making this recommendation! Curious if he had his pizza after this course?  

For the summary of learning assignment, I was fortunate to work with Colton Lund. We decided to create a podcast-esque discussion to summarize our learning in this course. Alec shared lots of great video and audio editing programs or websites and we decided to use WeVideo for our final video. We spent some of our initial conversations trying to narrow our focus to three or four big ideas to discuss. And while this proved to be a bit more difficult that we initially thought, we decided to explore the following big ideas or topics in our discussion:

  1. Ed Tech Tools
  2. Social Media and Social Justice
  3. Digital Identity and Digital citizenship
  4. Open Education Resources

Thanks to Colton for partnering up for this final assignment and it is safe to say that our course experiences contributed to a greater understanding of social media and open education.

Here is the link to our summary of learning video-


In closing, I have really enjoyed the high level of engagement from this course and following my colleagues’ blogs and learning journey. I look forward to staying in touch with my personal learning network that I have developed from this course. I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays with family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Guys! This looks so great! I love how you partnered up and created something pretty great. Your summary was comprehensive and covered a lot of ground. I too appreciated how interactive the course was and how much learning went on. I also liked the different perspectives that were present and hearing all of the different ideas. Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon! It was great learning and working with you!


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