Major Digital Project- myBlueprint & Class Pass App.

The next portfolio tool that I wanted to become more family with was the myBlueprint portfolio.

The myBlureprint is an online education and career planning tool that I believe is accessible to all students in Saskatchewan schools. Our school division has been using the tool for several years now. However, more recently I have started to explore the use of the digital portfolios within myBlueprint.

For students in grade 6 and younger in our school division they have have access to All About Me (AAM) which allows students to explore their interests, abilities, passions, and goals.

Grades 7-12 students have access to the Education Planner, which is a powerful tool to help support education and career/life planning.

The Class Pass for myBlueprint app provides an easy way for students and teachers to capture evidence of student learning and can be easily added to portfolios. 

myBlueprint Portfolios

From the home dashboard, students can access their portfolios by selecting “Portfolios” you can see all of a student’s portfolios. Thus, a student can have multiple portfolios. Some students might wish to have a portfolio for each class or others might want to organize by grade.

Students can add or create a new portfolio by selecting “Add Portfolio”

Similar to Edsby portfolio posts, myBlueprint portfolios are organized with boxes. Within each box, students can add a variety of things.

Students can easily keep a record of experiential learning activities, capturing photos, videos, audio clips, and journals. Using the Class Pass student cans upload directly to their portfolios. Teachers can also share artifacts individually, with a group of students, or with their entire class. 

One down side that I have noticed is that, any time a student adds an artifact to their portfolio using a class QR code, the teacher will have to approve the artifact before it appears in the portfolio.  This approval needs to be made in the teacher’s account. However, when a student uses their own personal QR code the artifact can be immediately posted into the student’s portfolio without teacher approval. 

Check out this video for an overview of the Class Pass App.

Join the myBlueprint conversation

How many of you are using myBlueprint? If so, how have your students responded to using this online program?

Do any of your senior students use the education planner to help build graduation plans or post grad plans?

Finally, Check out there helpful resources and lesson plans.


5 thoughts on “Major Digital Project- myBlueprint & Class Pass App.

  1. James,

    I’m a big fan of anything related to organization and planning, so myBlueprint has piqued my interest! I don’t know if you’re familiar with Seesaw at all, but myBlueprint basically seems like a “senior” version of it. For example, students can document their learning or the teacher is able to make posts as well. If you are familiar with Seesaw, would you say it is comparable or am I missing the mark?

    Something I appreciate about this program is that it teaches students organization and encourages making plans for the future. I remember getting to university and needing to figure out a system that would help me stay on top of my assignments and work schedule… Better to learn this skill early! Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with this program, but I’ll be following your journey to learn along with you!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi James,

    I love that you are exploring more of myBlueprint! It was really pushed by our division a couple years ago, but since has subsided with covid. However, I teach a financial literacy 20 course and I think the content overlaps quite nicely. So, I might have to give it a go next semester with my class and follow some of your leads and connect it with the curriculum. I’m excited to see what you post next in this topic.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. It is great that you are enjoying MyBlueprint, James. I have used it before and really enjoyed it! I never had access to the Class Pass app but that looks like a great way to have my access to the resource. I have seen some really great portfolios online and I enjoyed using the app, and now I have been moved to SeeSaw and really not enjoying it!
    There are so many proven benefits to goal setting and portfolio creation for students as they organize their learning and reflect on their knowledge. Great post! Thanks!


  4. This is a great and in-depth post on how to use MyBlueprint and how you have been using it. Although it has been used in my division for many years, it has been mostly saved for Grade 8 and up, and therefore I don’t have a lot of experience with it. It really looks great and I like how nice it looks and how organized it keeps things. This is something that I may have to look into and see if it can work for my younger kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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